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Hi Everyone,


I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

I am very sorry to announce now all concerts are canceled until July 2020 due to outbreak of COVID-19. I have been composing new pieces and very much looking forward to having world-premier in Germany in June, which are unfortunately not to be heard.

In a meantime I would like to thank all essential workers to keep our life sustainable. All we can do now is to stay home and be positive. Here in NY, people are following public guidance because we know that means, we know that helps. Yes a lot of people lost job including myself. I miss stage lights and applause and so badly to see my fans. However, none of them would happen again  without our health. It is the time to think what is most important to you and simplify your life. 

I run everyday, eat healthy and play a lot. Zoom party is my new favorite!

I believe our wiseness will end  this pandemic.

Please everybody, stay safe and see you again with big smiles and hugs!

 April 16, 2020


 -Sumie Kaneko
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